If you are struggling with insomnia or problematic sleep, digestive issues, menstrual irregularities (including PMS), emotional issues (anxiety, depression) or more complex health issues (i.e. Lyme Disease and Lyme co-infections), I can help.

If you want to get back to the self you lost in the midst of your health struggles, to help you relinquish the pain, hopelessness and fear.  I will work with you to reclaim your life and joie de vivre.

Unlike other herbalists, I provide my clients with the herbs* they need as soon as possible following each session.  You have come to me for my expertise in herbs and a holistic integrative view of each individual and life itself. In order for you to receive the full benefit of this work together, you must be receiving what I am therapeutically providing: herbs.  As someone who vehemently resists the nickel-and-diming of patients, I believe it is only fair to provide my clients what I believe is the best support possible.  This is why I include as many of the herbs as possible to my clients, at no extra cost*.

My mission in life is to help people get back to themselves with the assistance of herbs, diet, lifestyle changes, and so much more.  I know from personal experience that this is possible, and I know from working with many others that you are capable of living your best life with the help of holistic and integrative herbal medicine.

Hi, my name is Pamela Shaw. I am the owner and herbalist at Quaternity Holistics based in Brooklyn, NY.  To learn more about me, click here.

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Pamela Shaw     

Herbalist and Holistic Health Consultant – Quaternity Holistics  LLC

Brooklyn, NY

Graduate and Faculty member of East West School of Planetary Herbology