Introduction to Ayurveda

  Ayurveda is considered the oldest system of diet, health and healing in the world, beginning thousands of years ago on the Indian subcontinent.  Ayurveda sees medicine and diet as complementary rather than separate, and places particular emphasis on diet and lifestyle choices for prevention of disease/illness.The human body, and the body of the universe, […]


This morning, at 4.45am almost three hours before I normally get out of bed, I was woken from a great deep sleep to the sound of glass crashing.  The crash was from two very nice wine glasses, that we received as wedding gifts, one of my cats knocked over.  I couldn’t go back to sleep.  […]

A Revealing Look at Why I Became an Herbalist (or How Herbs Found Me)

This is in part a candid disclosure of how I came to be where I am now, how I decided to become an herbalist and also a bit of a love letter to my school: East West School of Herbology. Thanks to East West, I have learned about how I’ve come to be as I […]