Emotional Waves

I’ve been thinking a lot about emotional waves lately.  Perhaps it is because of winter, when we often retreat inwards. Perhaps it is because of my ongoing, albeit less pervasive, relationship with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Perhaps it is all of the changes happening in my life. Whatever the reason, emotions, and the waves they […]

Resolutions: Detox and Cleanse

After several weeks of eating foods out of what is my optimal diet, I feel gross.  I am bloated, lethargic, and have an overall yucky feeling that is related to holiday overindulgence, lack of exercise, and too much fun. I have that mid-winter “blech” feeling. It’s as if I gained twenty pounds, when in reality […]

Fecal Matters

I grew up in a family, for better or worse, where poop was talked about at every meal, even large family gatherings on holidays. Even now, it is not a family get-together without poop being discussed. As a kid this was hilarious, a teenager super embarrassing, an adult hilarious and shocking, and as an herbalist […]