Medicine Making – Summer Recap

Happy Summer!   I’ve been working on a few things with my products, and wanted to share with you what my summer harvest has been. I live in Brooklyn, which means that harvesting requires trips outside of the city. Here’s a shortlist of what was gathered and made on Tug Hill (Lewis County, NY) this […]

Herbal Favorites

Using herbs to bring yourself back to health is a wonderful idea.  I wanted to share with you a handful of my herbal favorites, that you can use on a daily basis to help you on your path to health, or maintain your current state of health. Bitters – I LOVE bitters, especially bitters made […]

Herbal Medicine Making in NYC

Interested in herbal medicine making in NYC? On December 9th from 7-9pm, I’ll be teaching a hands-on herbal medicine making class at the NYC Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild!   The focus is on medicine making for the cold/flu season and includes information for cold/flu assessment and herbal protocols, plus prevention protocols. The meeting […]

Internal Remedies for Menstrual Cramps (Part 7 of the PMS and Menstrual Irregularities Series)

I hope that you’ve been able to see that PMS and menstrual cramps, along with any other menstrual irregularity that may be bothering you, are all tied together.  Symptoms do not exist in a vacuum, by figuring out which pattern most resembles our current state of being, we are able to address the whole body […]

Books for Soul-Healing

I wanted to share some books that have been very useful to me over the years, and also tell you why I found them to be useful and influential.  This is pretty much in reverse chronological order as well! Lesley Tierra Metaphor-phosis While I am not finished with the work in this book (when are […]

Seasonal Eating

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and five seasons (Spring, Summer, Indian Summer/Late Summer, Fall, Winter.)  Each of the Elements is associated with a particular season, and each of the Elements is also associated with a particular color and taste.  Below is a chart of the basic […]

Introduction to Ayurveda

  Ayurveda is considered the oldest system of diet, health and healing in the world, beginning thousands of years ago on the Indian subcontinent.  Ayurveda sees medicine and diet as complementary rather than separate, and places particular emphasis on diet and lifestyle choices for prevention of disease/illness.The human body, and the body of the universe, […]

Your Constitution and Food

Now that we know a little bit about your Yin/Yang Constitution, and some about the energetics of food, let’s start to put the two together! A person who has the tendency to be very Yin is vegetarian bordering on vegan*, eats a lot of raw veggies, loves fruit juices and smoothies, drinks lots of ice […]

Food Energetics Introduction

What does an energetically balanced diet look like?  It is slightly different for everyone, as each of us is unique, but the basis of an energetically balanced diet is rooted in foods with neutral, neutral-cool, and neutral-warm energies.  Below is a list of foods and their example energies from my herb coursebook.  Yin Neutral Yang […]

Yin/Yang Constitiution and Food

My name is Pamela Shaw, I’m an apprentice-herbalist and also attending East West School of Herbology to become a certified professional herbalist. My studies focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, and Western herbalism methods of assessment and treatment to help bring the body back to health and balance. This week we’ll be talking about […]

Post-Thanksgiving Thanks

My husband and I hosted our very own Thanksgiving meal this year.  We’ve been together for over 11 years, been living together for a while, and married two and a half years.  We’ve never had our own holiday aside from our late honeymoon in Paris last year. Unfortunately, my husband fell ill with food poisoning […]

Water Filters

I live in Brooklyn.  I drink NYC municipal tap water. This is the third city water I’ve been subjected to (see:  Albuquerque, and Providence.)  It is not the same as the well water that I grew up on in the Lower Hudson Valley, hard delicious water rich in minerals and very clean tasting.  While taste […]