• Living with “the Blood”

    One of my favorite new TV shows, Mozart in the Jungle, is partly responsible* for my inspiration to start playing my violin after a 12+ year absence. This show brings up the notion of spirit, or Shen, and how it is expressed through music and our every day lives. Maestro Rodrigo De Souza constantly talks about […]

  • Doing What Needs to Be Done in an Era of #notokay

    A month ago I started a new course on Chinese Medicine and one of our first assignments, in addition to reading, learning acupuncture point names, locations and functions, and a few other tasks, was to contemplate what the one thing we could do or change in our lives that would have nothing but a positive […]

  • Elimination Diets: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

    In February of this year, I began a journey with an acupuncturist for a variety of personal reasons, and took his advice greatly to heart. What has confounded me with this advice, from a Chinese Medicine perspective, was his dietary recommendations and how I was essentially put on an elimination diet. I was told to […]

  • The Too Small Pot: Expand your Roots

      I have a plant that sits next to my computer. It is in dire need of a larger pot. In fact, it is so big it is growing up and out of the pot that it is in, yet the leaves are starting to wither.  The plant is starving and dying to grow – it […]

  • Destiny, Intention, Concentration

    In Chinese Medicine, there is a concept of the “heavenly mandate” or “heavenly contract”. The heavenly contract is that which is most important thing in your heart of hearts, the thing that you must accomplish in this life – if you do not accomplish it, avoid it or ignore it, you will be fraught with […]

  • How To Meditate

    Lately it seems that a lot of talk around me is about meditation.  A client requested that I write a post about meditation and how I practice.   I am striving to write as little as possible about a big subject, and it is indeed a subject that many people have many different viewpoints, techniques […]

  • This Much I Know…

    When something happens to you, your responsibility is not in that it happened: it’s already happened after all, you cannot change what happened no matter how much you wish you could. Your responsibility is in your choices, actions, decisions and response after the event, now in this moment. What are you going to do with […]

  • Books for Getting Started with Herbs and Homeopathy

    I’ve been meaning to share a list of “getting started” books on herbs, herbalism and homeopathy.  As I live in a small apartment, and have limited book-shelf space despite my desire to the contrary, I try to keep my books pared down to the must-haves. Here are some of my must-have herbal books for the […]

  • Prima Materia

    Prima materia: the common, elemental substance or “first matter,” “found in filth,” the “orphan” sought by the alchemists in their attempt to create the Philosopher’s Stone. The original “chaos” or “sea” that constitutes all matter. Alchemist Gerhard Dorn saw it as a substance within man: “Transform yourselves into living philosophical stones!” Jung interpreted the prima […]

  • Some Thoughts on Traumatic Discharge and Release

    As I delve into learning more about trauma and PTSD, I am learning how the best of intentions can lead a person astray in a regressing or damaging way.  Working through trauma, trauma release, or PTSD, is very scary and exhausting for the person suffering. Everything feels like it is out of control: the mind, […]