Herbal Remedies for PMS – Part Four of PMS and Menstrual Irregularities

Let’s get you on the path to a healthy menstrual cycle with simple herbal remedies for PMS! All of these suggestions are things that you can do at home, for deeper and more thorough herbal suggestions you need to speak with an herbalist.     Choose the pattern that most fits with your presenting signs […]

Lifestyle and Diet Strategies for PMS and Menstrual Irregularities (Part Three)

Lifestyle and Diet Strategies for PMS are a vital part of resolving PMS. If you aren’t moving enough, from being sedentary or from fatigue and lethargy, this can contribute to PMS symptoms.  Moving is key to keeping the blood flowing in the body. If we don’t move, our blood and energy gets stuck and stagnated.  […]

Causes of PMS and Menstrual Irregularities (Part Two)

In Part One, I discussed the symptoms PMS and Menstrual Irregularities and what a healthy period is considered to be.  Let’s move on to the causes of PMS and menstrual irregularities. According to Western/conventional medicine, PMS is caused by the natural swing of hormones – progesterone and estrogen.  Holistically speaking, PMS generally brings to light […]

What is PMS? Part One: PMS and Menstrual Irregularities

This is Part One of a series that I’m going to be doing on women’s health issues, specifically relating to PMS.  I would have loved to fit this into one blog post, but the thing is… PMS’s role within healthy menstruation is a big topic.  Even bigger is discussing other menstrual irregularities.  I hope that […]

Bad Day? Take a Walk!

Let’s face it, we all experience “bad days” where nothing seems to go right.  Days like that can be hard to turn around.  You can turn a bad day around! My most recent bad day was one of those days when you wake up and your bread for toast is moldy, your water bottle makes […]

Getting Started – the Process of Healing

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.”  Mark Twain  I was inspired to write this post after a series of health issues started early in 2014.  I wrote this hoping that someone will […]

Finished, for now!

On May 2, I got my Planetary Herbologist certificate from the East West School of Herbology.  The Planetary Herbologist certificate means that not only have I completed all 36 lessons and the final exam, but also the annual Seminars successfully.  I have such mixed emotions being done with this part of my herbal journey!  There […]

Getting Ready to Travel

In a few hours, I’ll be boarding a plane to head to East West School of Planetary Herbology’s annual Seminar.  This will be my last year there as a student, I am not sure how I am feeling about it.  The week long Seminar is located in Ben Lomond, California, which means I’ll be on […]

Tattooing: Ways to Ease the Process (Before, During, and After-Care)

Do you get tattoos or want to get tattoos but have come to a point where your healing process isn’t quite cutting it?  Looking for new ideas to try out to ease your healing? This is not a guide for choosing a tattoo artist, there are sites that can help you find just the right […]

On the Winter Blues

It is February, we’ve had snow here in NYC, bitterly cold days, and some unseasonably warm ones as well.  Needless to say, we are in the deepest depths of winter and some of us are faring better than others.  Even though the days are slowly creeping towards spring, if you are struggling to get through […]

My Absence, Explained

Hello Readers! I just realized that I have not posted in months!  Let me explain… Some of you may know, I am a student at the East West School of Planetary Herbology.  I am in the final push of my studies with the Professional Herbalist course, and have been devoting as much of my time […]

Slowing Down in the Summer (and Beyond)

As a child, summer meant hanging out by the pool, going to summer day camp, swimming in lakes, running through the woods, spending time with friends and being free from most responsibilities.  Now that I’m very well past that nostalgic time of freedom, summer means that I’m busier than ever – work schedule has required […]