Black Sesame Herbal Truffles: Rose, Orange and Cardamom

Black Sesame Herbal Truffles

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***Featured in the July-September 2019 Nutritional Therapy Association Newsletter “What we’re drooling over” section***



  1. Hi! This is beautiful. I just made the dough, and soaked the seeds as well. I realize that I may have used to little amount of the seeds. It says 16 oz, but by weight that’s 3 cups, and by a dry measurement it’s 2. Which is it? I”m afraid I may have messed up, even though the spices taste balanced. Thank you!!

  2. Oh I know you did. 🙂 It just looked like a lot at first, and didn’t have enough orange peel if it ended up being too much, but once I added in the extra cup to the over honeyed mixture, they were perfect. Thank you!

  3. I just made these without heating the honey and they worked out just fine. I believe that heating the honey does change its structure hence the importance on “raw” honey. My favorite herbalists Dawn Combs and Michael Tierra state as much. Dawn agrees that adding honey to hot tea or coffee might be ok.
    I also did not have honey preserved rose pedals but had lots of dehydrated ones from the garden. I infused them in the honey the night before and added one drop of pure 98% rose essential oil.

    • Brigitta,

      Michael Tierra is one of my teachers! I’m investigating the cooked vs raw honey debate now, and will have something in a few weeks – if all goes well. There’s more than meets the eye with the raw vs cooked honey debate. Stay tuned.

      So happy that you enjoyed the recipe, I like your rose petal workaround!

    • Hi Des – this recipe makes a lot of sesame balls. Plan on it making around 70, depending on the size you go with. They freeze quite well, and you can definitely halve the recipe if this is too much.

  4. Would like to “try” this recipe but that’s way too much stuff for a “try”.. Would it work if the ingredients were halved??

    • Yes – it would still work if the recipe were halved, or thirded, or quartered!

      Remember to taste as you go – that’s the key with these. I like them exuding with cardamom, whereas others may not! I don’t like them too sweet, so use just enough honey or maple syrup to hold the balls together – others may want them a bit sweeter. This is truly a “up to you” kind of recipe.

  5. Hi there! These sound amazing. I’m not seeing the recipe above that everyone is referencing. Maybe I missed it somehow. Would love to try making these!

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