Working with an herbalist, you learn about what you need, what is missing or no longer needed, and you ultimately bring a sense of wholeness and connection back to your life.

You learn to connect deeply with your body, emotions, mental and spiritual self.

You work with your body’s messages and learn from what is shared.

I know from personal experience that it is possible to return more to my authentic self, and I know from working with many others that you are capable of living your best life with the help of holistic and integrative herbal medicine.

Whether you are experiencing insomnia or other sleep issues, digestive problems (including IBS), menstrual irregularities (including PMS), autoimmunity, or stress, emotional or psychological challenges (anxiety, depression), I can help you decipher what these messages and signs are guiding you towards.  Together we’ll discover what you need, and how to give that to yourself.

Hi, my name is Pamela Shaw. I am a holistic herbalist, and the owner of Quaternity Holistics based in Brooklyn, NY. 

I provide my clients with the herbs they need as soon as possible following each session.  Many of the herbs you need are included in the session fee(s)*.

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