• Avoiding the Quick Fix for Weight Loss

    I’ve been lacksadaisacle with writing blog posts lately, for a couple of reasons.  One being that I started a new full-time job a few months ago, the other being that I haven’t felt “up” to sending out newsletters about feeling great when I myself haven’t been feeling great. I hurt my leg, I had made some serious changes, […]

  • Quitting, Taking the Leap, Moving On…

    I’ve found myself quitting a lot this past year: coffee, a job, wheat, alcohol, toxic relationships, over-scheduling, over-doing. Quitting can involve anything from coffee, to alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, junk food or even a job, using a credit card to buy things out of your budget, negative self-talk, or a toxic relationship.   It seems that […]

  • Muscle Tear: An Herbalist’s Story

    A few days ago, I tore my gastrocnemius muscle walking across the street.  Before you ask, no I was not running, no I did not twist my ankle or step on my foot funny.  I figured it would be worth it to share with my readers how an herbalist handles situations such as these. Please […]

  • Doing the Work: Stumbling Blocks

    Anytime we start implementing changes in our lives, doing the work that needs to be done, we eventually encounter a stumbling block, or many stumbling blocks. This is what happens when you start doing “the work”.  How do you overcome and persevere amongst these stumbling blocks? A scenario that I have been observing, over and […]

  • Herbal Favorites

    Using herbs to bring yourself back to health is a wonderful idea.  I wanted to share with you a handful of my herbal favorites, that you can use on a daily basis to help you on your path to health, or maintain your current state of health. Bitters – I LOVE bitters, especially bitters made […]

  • Thank You East West School of Planetary Herbology

    As many of you, my dear readers, know, I graduated from the East West School of Planetary Herbology in May 2014. Michael and Lesley Tierra crafted a wonderful course, encompassing Western, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, to create a planetary approach to herbalism and wellness. When I started the course, it was exactly what I […]

  • Emotional Waves

    I’ve been thinking a lot about emotional waves lately.  Perhaps it is because of winter, when we often retreat inwards. Perhaps it is because of my ongoing, albeit less pervasive, relationship with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Perhaps it is all of the changes happening in my life. Whatever the reason, emotions, and the waves they […]

  • Resolutions: Detox and Cleanse

    After several weeks of eating foods out of what is my optimal diet, I feel gross.  I am bloated, lethargic, and have an overall yucky feeling that is related to holiday overindulgence, lack of exercise, and too much fun. I have that mid-winter “blech” feeling. It’s as if I gained twenty pounds, when in reality […]

  • Fecal Matters

    I grew up in a family, for better or worse, where poop was talked about at every meal, even large family gatherings on holidays. Even now, it is not a family get-together without poop being discussed. As a kid this was hilarious, a teenager super embarrassing, an adult hilarious and shocking, and as an herbalist […]

  • Good-Bye: Sessions, Free Shipping on Products and 2014

    2014 was quite the year. To honor the end of this wonderfully difficult year, I wanted to give you one last chance to take advantage of a few specials that I’ve had running. If your New Year’s Resolution is to be healthier, or to take care of yourself in a more nourishing, holistic way… Sign […]