New Client Intake Session

New Client Intake Session

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As a New Client, you will have an in-depth 60-90 minute intake session and consultation, minimal paperwork to fill out, individualized herbal, diet and lifestyle instructions, most (if not all) of your herbs shipped directly to you, and support between sessions.

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As a new herbal client, I understand that you may not know what to expect, or what you may be receiving from me as your herbalist.  My mission is to ensure that you feel good about the changes you are making, with goals set and goal-posts being reached to keep you moving forward.  

During this first session together, we will spend 90 minutes talking about you.  I will listen to your health concerns, your health goals, your struggles, and work with you to develop a plan to help you attain your goals.  Your plan includes herbal recommendations, herbs*, dietary recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, email availability and check-ins between scheduled sessions, and caring, compassionate support.

Unlike many other herbalists, I feel that herbs should be included in the cost of sessions*.  After all, if you go to an acupuncturist, the acupuncturist would not charge you “extra” for the treatment of acupuncture; nor would a massage therapist charge you for the massage therapy treatment.  I include the cost of herbs because my expertise is herbal medicine, and you cannot receive the full benefits of this type of work without receiving the herbs from your practitioner.


Here is a breakdown of what is included in a new client intake session:

  • 90 minute intake interview session
  • Minimal paperwork for you to fill out!
  • Individualized herbal, diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Written recommendations and instructions emailed to you
  • Sessions via Skype, phone or in-person
  • Email, text support, and check-ins between sessions (limited, up to four weeks following each session)
  • The cost of herbs (*up to $50, including shipping fees) sent directly to you

After purchasing your new client session, I will email you the necessary forms and we will find a time that is most suitable for us to meet (via Skype, phone, or in person).

Please email me if you have questions.


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