Black Sesame Herbal Truffles

Black Sesame Herbal Truffles


Black Sesame Herbal Truffles are available in the classic combination of rose-cardamom-orange, and also in other combinations with the option to have an order customized to your personal needs.  

24 truffles per order, 48 per custom order


Do you want the classic Rose-Cardamom-Orange recipe, as featured in the Nutritional Therapy Association Newsletter?  

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Black Sesame Herbal Truffles are the most elegantly delicious wellness food you will ever have.

These black sesame herbal truffles pack a lot of energy into a tiny package for a variety of purposes:

– sitting in classes or conferences

– keeping you peppy at work

– athletic performances

– as a quick pick-me-up

– to nourish your worn-out body and mind

– for your enjoyment!


Black sesame herbal truffles are rich, yet light and ephemeral.  

They are dessert-like treats without being cloying.

And, they are lovingly prepared with whole-food ingredients and in made-to-order batches.



Current offerings:

The Classic: Rose-Cardamom-Orange
Filled to the brim with rose petals, cardamom, orange and in a base of black sesame seeds and almonds. (Made with a variation of the recipe that you can get by signing up for the newsletter here!  ***Featured in the July-September 2019 Nutritional Therapy Association Newsletter “What we’re drooling over” section***)

Deep Nourishment
Includes Chinese and Ayurvedic mushrooms, herbs and foods for your tired, burned out and otherwise deprived self.

Athletic Performance
Powered by Chinese and Ayurvedic mushrooms, herbs and spices, these Athletic Performance Truffles will help you raise the bar.

Stay Alert!
Chock full of… rich cocoa powder and cherries to help you stay alert for whatever the task at hand.

One order contains 24 truffles in a reusable BPA-free container

Tailored to your specific needs. These bespoke Black Sesame Truffles include a 15 minute consultation to discuss your goals and desires, and 48 truffles shipped to you in reusable BPA free containers. 


I’m proud that the the maple syrup comes from the Tug Hill region of NY, the honey comes from the Finger Lakes region of NY, and the almonds are sourced from a small company in California.  The herbs, spices and other ingredients are organic and locally sourced whenever possible.  


The star ingredients in a standard order of black sesame herbal truffles:

Black sesame is regarded as great food to keep hair healthy and dark, which is no wonder since this tiny seed is filled with a plethora of nutrients. It tonifies the Kidneys and Liver in Chinese Medicine (CM), helping to build Blood and Jing, and lubricates dryness in the intestines.

Honey is utilized as a remedy for dryness (throat, mouth, bowels), and is considered a panacea by many.  It tonifies the digestive system (Spleen/Stomach in CM) and has been used for millenia as a binder for powdered medicines in both Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.  It’s use here is from a Chinese Medicine standpoint, through which heating honey increases the tonification properties of the herbs it is combined with.

Maple syrup is a neutral to warming sweetener derived from the sap that flows from maple trees in early spring.  “Sugaring” is the process that harvests then cooks down this sap, condensing the energy stored within the trees all winter long and provides nourishment to the tree’s new growth.  As such, this sweet treat targets the Spleen and Stomach organs. Since this is essentially the stored winter energy that is now nourishing the spring growth, I’d wager that the Kidneys and Liver are also involved.  Syrup has an upward energy, which serves to harmonize the movement between the Stomach and Spleen organs.  Maple syrup is high in manganese, riboflavin (vitamin B3) and has other minerals such as zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium – a claim that no other (common) sweetener can make.  Be careful though, due to its intensely sweet flavor, Dampness (excess weight) can easily form if used in more than sparing quantities.

Rose has often been used to regulate the menses, however it is a fantastic Liver Qi and Blood regulator.  This means that it helps with the huffing and puffing, sighing and frustration that often comes with being unable to express oneself creatively.  Chinese medicine uses the buds that are tightly closed or partially open, and the roses that I harvested were a mix of tightly closed, partially open, and fully open.  Ayurveda uses rose to balance the Heart, decrease anger, sadness and frustration, increase digestive fire (agni); rose is considered beneficial for all doshas.

Orange Peels (also known as Chen Pi) are simply dried and aged tangerine peels.  Every citrus season I happily purchase a bunch of organic tangerines, grapefruits and oranges and save the peels in a tin.  The older peels (five years) are nicely darkened, while the peels that are younger (one to two years) have maintained their brightness.  Chinese Medicine values the older peels and considers the medicinal value to increase with age.  Orange peels help to dry the heavy feeling one gets from sitting for too long, and it helps to correct digestive imbalances.

Salt is the taste associated with the Kidneys in CM, and “directs” the herbs to the Kidneys so that the Kidneys can then best utilize all that the herbs have to offer.  Too much salt can damage the kidneys.

Cardamom is one of my favorite spices of all time.  It is spicy, it is sweet, it is warming, it is fragrant and it tonifies and strengthens digestion.

Cinnamon is spicy, hot, and penetrates the Heart, Liver, Kidney and Spleen channels.  This translates to our inner fire and spark, our drive and ambition, wisdom and intention.  It is in this recipe to provide a contrast to the sweetness that is prevalent in all of the other herbs.  Cinnamon has been used in recent years to stabilize blood sugar, I’m not convinced there is enough in this recipe to provide for such an effect to take place.

Cocoa is rich, sweet, warming and moves its energy into the Kidney and Spleen.  Too much is always too much, but this small amount is enough to wake up the senses and get your blood and energy moving again. 

They deeply nourish your body; and, if you’re a nerd like me, you’ll be happy to know that they are also beneficial for the all of the Five Element Yin Organs within Chinese Medicine: Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Lung and Spleen.

Other ingredients may include goji berries, almond flour, mulberries, pine nuts, cherries, and a variety of other foods, herbs and spices. 

If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance! 

It goes without saying, but… these truffles contain nuts and seeds.


Want the classic Rose-Cardamom-Orange recipe, as featured in the Nutritional Therapy Association Newsletter?  

Sign up for the newsletter and it will be emailed to you!  


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Black Sesame Herbal Truffles

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