Pain-Free Tincture – 2oz

Pain-Free Tincture – 2oz


Improved formulation!


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New and improved formula!

Instead of Chamomile, Ginger and Cinnamon, the pervasive Goldenrod is now in the formulation. 

California Poppy is an herb that is a nervine, antispasmodic and analgesic; this will chill you out and ease  your discomfort.

Ghost Pipe above ground portions are sustainably wild-harvested, is a nervine and allows you to separate yourself from your pain, grounding you in yourself.  I have a Kung Fu friend who says that paying attention to your pain is like feeding a bear, the bear wants more and more of your food (aka attention, suffering), so not feeding the bear means it will eventually move on.  Ghost Pipe tells you that you don’t need to feed the bears.

Goldenrod flowering tops are wild-harvested, and have been known for reducing swelling and pain in the muscles.  I find that since this herb is also often used for seasonal allergies that the herb is able to mediate the body’s response to outside stimuli.

St. John’s Wort is wild-harvested and included here because it is known to be of great help with pain associated with the nerves, but it is also a great helper with pain that accompanies anxiety.

Albizzia flowers are wild-harvested and serve as a calmative, meaning they help clear and calm your emotions.  As far back as 1116CE, these flowers were used not only for emotional upset but for pain as well.  I really love this herb, and use it often when emotions can get tied up with physical sensations, to serve as a sigh of relief.

Blueberry leaves are harvested from bushes that have been organically grown on my family’s property for decades.  They serve to help maintain blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: California Poppy, Ghost Pipe, Goldenrod, St. John’s Wort, Albizzia, Blueberry leaves, molasses, grain alcohol. 40-50%ABV





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